Saturday, April 24, 2010

How To Make a Website ...For Small Business? Simple…Use The Best Small Business Builder

How to build a website is the first question on everybody’s mind after the decision to start a small business has been made

Next you start surfing for a small business website builder.
The offers and promotions are overwhelming to say the least!

" How to build a website for free", "Have your business website up in 5 minutes", "Get your free online store here", "Best price on the net for your online store" sound familiar?
I'm sure by now you have seen hundreds of these ads each promoting their small business website builder online.

They all have one thing in common...

Yes they do provide a small business website builder

Yes they will tell you how to make a website

Yes they even will tell you how to build a website with business features built right into your store

Now here’s what they don't tell you...

How to make a website with a small business website builder that GENERATES TRAFFIC

I am a website designer for home and local business websites.
My company Business Sense Website Builder operates both on and offline.
My offline business was steady but I built a website for my services of course to build a better business for myself as a designer

I had a an excellent clientele offline at the time BUT we all suffered the same problem generating traffic online

Now you would think that all the fancy certifications I have would have taken care of that problem!

Well despite all the training I have in design, search engine optimization and marketing it just wasn't enough! Nope none of the sites generated enough traffic to really consider them online businesses (including my own website))

Now as you know most designers tend to have shall we say
a "rather fragile ego" (hehehe) and I guess that didn't exclude me.

You see the thing is we all take great pride in our creative’s and develop a hefty attachment to each of them

For me my passion as a small business website builder goes far beyond the website as I truly want my clients to be successful with their online businesses

In actuality when you pay a designer or small business website builder specialist like myself you actually are only paying for your design

To put it crudely generating traffic thereafter is your problem!

I never have followed the traditional style of anything, so in my case,
for the sake of my clients and my own business success I started searching for more education on traffic building.

Let’s face it, it really doesn't matter if you know how to make a website, or what small business website builder you use...

If you don't have traffic you don't have a business!

So I decided to put my pride aside and find myself a business mentor

Not to sound arrogant but the mentors I found had basically the same credentials as myself so I didn't think there would be much value in paying them. Then one day I stumbled across an article by Allan Gardyne talking about Ken Evoy and Site Build It.

I couldn't believe what I saw! So I researched it to the fullest!

Finally the answer on how to make a website that sells!
As a small business website builder specialist I could see immediately the benefits for myself and my clients

The rest is history. Now I use Site Build It for myself and all my clients’ websites.

Site Build It has an excellent Do-It-Yourself training manual
"The Action Guide" which is perfect for everyone from webmasters like myself right down to brand new novices.

Anyone who wants can even go to their online learning center and "earn while you learn"

I can't say enough about the benefits of using SBI!

If you're serious about your business success and want to know how to make a website for it, this is the only small business website builder you need!

When business people ask me how to make a website on their own I never hesitate to refer them to SBI! Knowing they can't help to succeed using SBI'S unique CTPM system

The best part for me was discovering that SBI was far more than a small business website builder they become your personal business mentor!
Learn how to make a website that works!

Watch my TV Channel and learn how to make a website that works!

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